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import export freight sydney australiaImporting and exporting freight can be very exciting and also a very stressful time, with decisions to make and questions that need to be answered.

Why not remove the stress and hire an International Freight Forwarder to make the job of delivering your cargo door to door or port to port in any country, whether by air or sea freight an easy and reliable process.

So what do you look for when hiring a good Freight Forwarder?

The following are simple guidelines to help you along:

1. What size and type of projects is your Freight Forwarder comfortable handling? Is your job too small or large for the firm? Freight Forwarders will often have a core business that they are comfortable handling, although some like Sydney International Freight have a wealth of experience handling most types of cargo – whether by sea freight or air freight.

2. What is the Freight Forwarder’s experience? Inquire about past clients, what sort of cargo they have handled in the past, and how long they have been in business.

3. Can the Forwarder arrange marine insurance for you? Insurance is an integral part of shipping freight – to protect you and your precious cargo every step of the journey.

4. What services do they offer? This could include sea freight, air freight, local transport, trans shipment services, FCL and LCL cargo, can they arrange customs clearance services for you or recommend a reliable customs broker.

5. Does the forwarder have the ability to offer you a range of different solutions for you freight needs? The forwarder should be able to guide you on what routes or specialised services are the best to use for your particular job.

6. What are their costs and can they work with your budget? Rates will vary among freight forwarders. Remember you get what you pay for.

7. Can the forwarder offer you on time pick up and delivery? Your time and your schedule are all important. You need to check with your forwarder that they can meet your schedule, or at least discuss times to suit all parties.

When importing or exporting cargo to and from Australia, you want everything to run smoothly. It is important that the forwarder understands your requirements and tailors a logistics service to your own particular needs.

We are located in Sydney, and we are able to arrange shipment of you cargo into or out of any port in Australia.

At Sydney International Freight we can help reduce your stress by taking on the many tasks required to ensure your freight is shipped and received by the consignee on time and on budget. They will understand you and satisfy your needs.