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17 Apr

Best Shipping Methods for Shipping Household Goods Overseas

International shipping companies serve their customers with 3 options. Road, Air & Sea Freight. If the destination is overseas, we need to eliminate the truck shipment option. There are two options left. Seaway as container transportation and air cargo transportation.

If you are moving to a different country, it is reasonable to research what is the best option for moving your personal effects. At this point, you should answer the following questions. What is your priority in the shipping service you are looking for? Delivery time or delivery cost? We guess you say both. You expect your personal effects to be transported with professional, caring and quality service with minimum delivery time and also cost-effective service.

Air freight vs. Sea freight

If you plan to transport your belongings completely. Container transportation is the most economical method. Especially if a full container is to be used, you will have the opportunity of door-to-door transportation. If the location of your house is suitable, the container will be brought to your door. You can box your belongings yourself and organize the placement in the container. In this way, you can reduce the packaging cost. Besides, you will be sure that your items are packaged most accurately and stacked in the most appropriate points in the container.

Airfreight has gained momentum in recent years. Shipping costs have dropped considerably compared to the previous decade. If you are planning to ship a limited number of household items and your time is limited, airfreight is a good option.

If you plan to make an airshipment, you should pay attention to the dimensions of your boxes. Do not forget that transporting bulky goods by plane increases the cost and also there

is a risk to reject the box due to the dimensions. Briefly; You can carry your favourite coffee table and antique gramophone, but retiring the refrigerator would be a better decision.

We recommend the seaway shipment for the transportation of household goods. However, it will be a mixed solution to send some of your belongings such as clothes, clothing accessories, precious trinkets, small-sized ornaments by air, and your heavy items, especially furniture, by sea. We would like to advise that it could be better to send more necessary and tinny goods via air shipment.


20 “and 40” containers are the most commonly used equipment. If your items do not fill the 20 “container, you need to do partial loading, i.e. LCL. In any case, you should box all your items with numbers and labels and prepare a packing list showing which items are in which box. However, if its  “LCL”, you should prepare an extra-label for all boxes which include your name, destination address and your mobile number. Remember, there will be parcels of many people like you in an LCL, and it is very important to add information tags to each box to avoid confusion.

Overseas household removals

Moving Abroad

In the 2000s, the number of people residing in different countries started to increase exponentially. With the freedom of action brought by globalization, people are more courageous to study, study, work and live in different countries. Let’s share a statistic that will highlight this issue; As of the beginning of 2020, around 50 million Europeans are living in different countries, mainly in The US, Australia and Canada. People have different expectations. Some people move to other countries to improve their quality of life, some to find new job opportunities and some to have new experiences.

Moving abroad is becoming increasingly popular and has many benefits, such as travelling to new places and meeting new people and cultures. For some people moving abroad is a must, for others, it is a choice. People are more willing to move abroad for business, relationships or just a new adventure. Around 50 million people in Europe live outside of their home countries to enjoy a better quality of life and new experiences.


Business is developing rapidly, economies are changing, and people are becoming more courageous and fearless. For students, it has become popular not only to study abroad but also to live abroad or live abroad for a while due to the start of a career.

Why do people move abroad? Let’s list the reasons for summing up the subject:

  • New Job Opportunities
  • Education
  • The desire to make a better life
  • Search for more suitable climatic conditions and natural environment
  • A downtrend in shipping and travel costs.

From Australia to the World – From all over the world to Australia

Shipping and travel costs and security are critical factors. Security and good service are as important as cost in commercial commodity transportation and household goods shipments. In fact, the issue is your personal belongings, some of which cannot be measured with money. You want to be sure to whom you are delivering the load and that you are working with professionals.

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