Shipping News and Announcements

Shipping news, announcements and articles relating to freight forwarding, sea freight, air freight, current news with regard to importing and exporting goods and cargo to and from Australia.

Plus news articles and advice from Mark Salmon about how to ship goods, government requirements and articles about difficult or easy freight forwarding jobs which Mark has had in the past.

Freight Rates? A checklist of information you need to get the best shipping rate for your cargo

You would think that this is common sense, but the number of times I get someone asking something like “can you please give me a rate from China to Australia” or something similar….. the obvious questions are for what, how…
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Exporting To New Zealand

Australia has a free Trade Agreement with New Zealand, and, for the most part in regards to trade, New Zealand is treated as if it was a state of Australia. Anything of Australian origin is allowed to be exported to…
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Exporting To Canada

Australia does not have a free Trade Agreement with Canada, so most commodities are subject to some duties and restrictions – notably wine and spirits and foodstuffs. Canada has a number of provinces, and there are some trade and language…
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