Export of personal effects


At Sydney International Freight, we can only provide limited services.

What we can do:

1) provide pick up of your packed cartons or suitcases.

2) provide container drop off at your place ONLY if this is on hard stand at your OWN house; or if you want a container dropped on the road or footpath near your home, ONLY if you have a permit from your local council. Otherwise your options are to pack a container on the back of a truck (the driver MUST be present, and this can only be done during daylight hours) at your house, or you can deliver your furniture and cartons to our container depot where we ill pack the container for you.

3) Arrange the shipping of either FCL (full container load) or LCL (less than a container load) from Sydney (or other main port Australia) to main port, country of destination (eg Los Angeles, USA).

4) Provide insurance services from port to port, and for Total Loss only.


What we cannot do:

A) pick up loose furniture

B) accept for shipping as LCL cargo ANY cargo that is not packed for export (such as furniture and push bikes)

C) Provide any destination services – there are customs requirements for every country and we simply do not have the facilities to offer these services.

D) Provide breakage or any other type of insurance for other than total loss.


Exporting Your Personal Effects












Mark Salmon