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Here are some of the questions we are asked the most – if you have any other questions then please phone us or send us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes you do – first or thousandth import – it makes no difference.

A. If you have owned and used the goods for the last twelve months, the answer is no.

A. Firstly, please check the customs website yourself: www.customs.gov.au We can assist you with tariff classification advices and so on after this at a cost.

A. You have some limited recourse, but this can be a long drawn out affair to get very little recompense. I strongly recommend that you take out separate insurance cover for all your shipments.

A. Planning is everything. Obviously we can’t guarantee weather or any unforseen disasters, but with proper planning we can schedule the transport to meet your deadlines.  We also recommend you have insurance for your peace of mind.

A. We are able to use any and all forms of transport to meet your needs. We have no preset schedules or arrangements that may inhibit us from providing you with the best service possible.

A. We have been moving this type of cargo for a long time, and we have found the best carriers to handle all sorts of cargo.

A. Yes. We will need to know the cargo dimensions, weight, and transport terms – eg, ex works, FOB, CNF.

A. Only a few. This list is changing all the time and shipping lines can also introduce additional fees as wekk from time to time. We can give you advice on any restrictions that may apply with certain countries.