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29 Aug

Freight Rates? A checklist of information you need to get the best shipping rate for your cargo

You would think that this is common sense, but the number of times I get someone asking something like “can you please give me a rate from China to Australia” or something similar….. the obvious questions are for what, how and when; but there are a few more things to consider.

So, a check list should include:

1) From and to where do you want to send your goods?

2) What are the purchase or sale terms? (And do I understand what these mean and who should be responsible for what?) Depending on the purchase or sale terms, you will probably need to ask or provide more information.

3) What actually is it that I want sent?

4) What are the package dimensions and weights?

5) Are any of the goods hazardous or questionable? Do I need hazardous declarations or at least Material Data Safety Sheets?

6) Do I need transit insurance? (Please note that in general this is not covered by the carrier or freight forwarder)

7) What is my time frame or urgency for getting the goods from one place to the other?

Be prepared when you want information – that way I can provide you with the right rate and the right information, speedy service and best of all – we will be mindful of our own and other peoples time.

And of course if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.