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Guide to Shipping Private cars from Australia to Overseas


International vehicle transportation service covers shipping services by ship or by plane for customers who want to ship their private car overseas or to bring a car from abroad. In the most common form, when moving to another country, people want to bring their car along with their personal effects. Contrary to popular belief, shipping a car from thousands of miles is an extremely safe and economical way if you work with a professional logistics company.

Usually, people want to bring their personal effects, household goods and their vehicles (like car or motorcycle) when they plan to settle in another country. We are talking about your private car! Is it possible? Of course. Seems expensive right? Not by seaway shipment. Private Car shipping by a container is the most preferred, safety and most economical way to ship your private car from Australia to overseas.

New Cars & Classic Cars

So how to be sure if your car in customs duty list? For example, Suppose you have lived outside Australia for more than 12 months. and also you have a private car for 12 months, that’s okay you can ship it to Australia. For other countries, conditions may differ. It’s better to check the conditions of shipping private cars to the countries you plan to move.

Its same importing and customs procedure for classic cars. If you are looking for a specific brand and model of a classic car, you are not limited to your country. It is a great option to buy a classic car from abroad and ship it to your country.

Private Car Shipping Steps

Our company provides private car shipping services from Australia to overseas with containers. We offer the alternative of transportation by plane as a fast shipping option. Anyway, we would like to remind you that sea shipment is a much more economical option than air shipment.

All kinds of private cars and motorcycles can be pick up from your address or loading at the port. We are loading your cars into the container under the safety instructions and carefully do the necessary fixing procedures.

Safety instructions for loading the car into the container:

  • Your vehicle will be loaded in a container at your address or at the port.
  • The car is carefully placed inside the container.
  • The battery terminals of the car are removed, and if there are any parts that may cause an active electric current, they are disabled.
  • Only 1/6 of the fuel should remain in the vehicle’s tank. If there is excess fuel, it is drained.
  • The tires of the vehicle must be fastened with wedges and fixed with equipment such as wheel arches.
  • Necessary documents are prepared for your vehicle’s customs clearance.
  • It is recommended that you take out insurance against all kinds of accidents and damages.


How to Ship your Private Cars and motorcycles from Australia

If you are moving from Australia to another country, feel free to consult our company to organize your private car shipment. We will assist you in choosing the most suitable shipping options. We will inform you about what the required documents are and how to get them. Finally, we will advise the shipping date of the vehicle. An important note: you have to plan the delivery date of your vehicle after your travel date.

Australians who have lived abroad for more than 12 months can bring their private cars on their return to Australia. Non-Australian citizens must have a work or resident visa in Australia. In this way, they can apply to get VIA (Vehicle Import Approval).

In short, private cars could be shipped without any extra tax or restriction in many countries. So you may need different documents and face various customs procedures. Anyway, the basic documents you need are:

  • Passport of the vehicle owner.
  • The license of your vehicle
  • Vehicle condition report
  • Sales document (if it’s purchased)

International Car Shipping; Final Note

When shipping your car from Australia to an overseas destination, choosing the right international car shipping company is important. With “Sydney International Freight” you will meet a professional service with a knowledgeable team of international car shipping specialists and multiple shipping services including shared containers, 20ft or 40ft containers and also air freight option.

Sydney International Freight is the best company with its experience in the private car shipping as a part of its logistics services. With over 40 years of experience, reliably transporting private cars internationally, we make it safe and easy for you, from your location to the final destination. We offer private car shipment all over the world between Australia and all ports, airports and customs points in the world.