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25 May

Moving Overseas? | Household Removals and Household Effects

So you are wanting to relocate overseas and want to send all of your personal items or household goods overseas?

Here are some vital points you should consider.

If you are moving overseas and wish to pack up your entire house, furniture, personal items, small household goods and so on – it may be more cost effective for you to do it yourself and pack your own container.

Significant savings can be made with this approach and there are two ways to do it.

1. Pack up your household goods yourself and pack your own container. With this method, we can arrange for a container to delivered to your home, you pack the container yourself, and then we arrange for the container to be picked up and taken to the nearest port for shipping.

There are a few things which must be taken into consideration. The container size – do you have room on your property for the container to be safely loaded?

If not, you have a couple of options.

Firstly, we can send out the container to your property on a truck – you can pack your goods straight into the container. This can be costly depending upon how much time it takes you to pack the container and also how well you pack your goods themselves and within the container, be sure your packing is adequate or you may risk some of your goods being damaged in the container due to poor preparation and packing.

Secondly, you can apply to your local council for a permit enabling us to leave a container on the kerb or nature strip outside of your house – if your council allows this.

The container must be able to be left legally. We need to have evidence that you have the permit or the driver will not leave the container. Councils will fine the company leaving the container if there is no official permit – so this is not something which can be ignored, it is a necessity.


2. And this is the easier option, which is two steps, Hire a local removalist to pack up your household goods (we can assist with this or you can pick your own), they will arrive and pack up your house for you. You pay the local removalist directly – so you control this cost yourself.

Then they drive their truck containing your goods to our depot and transload your goods into your container for you – or the removals company can arrange delivery of your container to their own depot – they pack the goods into your dedicated container and then we arrange delivery of the container to the port for shipping.

You would then need to arrange for yourself the reverse process at the end destination. Unfortunately, we are not set up to provide clearance and delivery services at the other end.

This is by far the easiest method. It is mostly hands off for you, and you still make excellent savings when you compare the cost of this ‘do it yourself’ method over choosing a removalist company who can do the entire job for you.

If either of these options appeals to you – you need to figure out what size container you will need. Generally a 20 foot container is large enough for most household removals, if you have a larger (much larger) than normal load, or you wish to ship your motor vehicle as well, you may require a 40 foot container.

We have arranged many overseas relocations or household removals using this method. It may seem a little more work – but the savings are generally well worth it.

Easy countries for this type of ‘do it yourself’ household removal are New Zealand, USA, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, Europe and South Africa – mainly because of easy shipping from port to port and arrangement of clearance and transportation of cargo from the port to your end destination.

Other countries can of course be done, just check regulations with regards to clearance of goods at your port of destination and the availability of transhipment via train and/or truck to the end destination – which can be a touch more difficult in countries such as parts of Africa.