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Car export

Budget Service

You do some workand save
  • You clean the car
  • Deliver car to port
  • We ship the car
  • You arrange customs
  • You arrange clearance
  • No frills service
Export your car

Container shipping

Export or ship your car on a budget

Export or ship your car overseas in a container We ship port to port. You are responsible for all customs and clearance at Port of destination.

  • Budget solution
  • You do some work
  • We arrange shipment
car carrier RORO

RORO export service

Shipping your car by RORO

Roro is a ‘roll on roll off’ service.  Essentially like a car ferry. It operates between certain countries and Australia.

  • We ship your car
  • You do clearance and delivery to port
  • Very cost effective service

All Types of Cargo Covered

Our expertise lies in commercial cargo, vehicle shipping, self pack containes for household goods and oversize cargo such as large machinery for industry or agriculture.

Commercial Cargo

Shipping your import and export cargo.  One off freight jobs to regular cargo both sea and air.

Personal Houshold Items

Small items can be sent as LCL cargo.  However, we do offer a self pack container service for those who wish to relocate internationally.

Exporting Cars

Exporting or shipping your car from port ot port.  Using either a RORO service if available or a shipping container.

Oversize cargo

This can be any cargo which doesn’t fit into a standard container, for example industrial or agricultural machinery.  Sometimes termed ‘difficult or out og gauge cargo’.