Shipping Your Personal Effects Overseas – From Australia

Shipping your personal goodsIf you have some personal goods, or other bits and pieces which you want to send overseas – then keep in mind the following points.

What is it that you want to send?

Generally if it is a few more clothes or small items – it is usually easier, quicker and more cost effective to just pack another suitcase and pay the excess baggage. The goods will arrive with you – no delay, no hassle.

Or you can contact a company who deals with excess luggage. We don’t deal with excess luggage, but there are many companies who cater to this, just google it online.

If you have less than 100 kg – it may again be quicker and more cost effective to send the goods via courier or by post. Why? The goods can then be sent door to door, which is easier for you and far less hassle.

So then when is it a good idea to use a freight forwarder to send your personal effects?

When you have more than a 100kg and less than a container load.

It will be cheaper for you to do it this way. However, please bear in mind that our freight rates depending upon the destination can be expensive. And for sea freight, the transit is longer and there is a minimum charge of one cubic metre.

But there are some things that you still need to do.

Ensure your goods are packed well, in a box or boxes.

  • Label each box with your name and the destination.
  • Measure the width, length and depth or each box – so we can calculate the size in cubic metres.
  • If the goods are very heavy – it may cost extra – the rates are based on either a cubic metre size or a certain weight.
  • Insurance – if you wish to insure your goods, we recommend you insure your goods for total loss. If you have packed your goods yourself, it is unlikely any insurance company would allow you a partial claim for damage, as the assumption will be you did not adequately pack your goods well enough. So be mindful of this – we can arrange insurance for you or recommend insurance companies should you want to do this yourself.
  • Once your goods are packed and labeled – you will have them delivered to our depot for packing into a container with other goods. You can do this yourself by car, taxi, uber, courier and so on or we can arrange pick up of your goods for you. Cost wise, if you have a small amount of goods – then doing it yourself is the most cost effective option.
  • Freight forwarding of personal effects is to port only – so it will be up to you to arrange any customs clearance and/or delivery for your goods from the port of destination. Generally, this is an easy task – and takes only a small amount of your time. If possible, please advise the details of this company.
  • We must be paid before the goods are delivered to the depot.
  • All documents are sent to you via email as soon as the ship sails.

Shipping of personal effects need not be a difficult process, if you follow the guidelines above, it should be a simple and pain free process.

Send us an email if you wish to enquire about this service.