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Less than container load cargo
16 Oct

Complete Guide to LCL Shipping

    What Is LCL Shipping? LCL is the short form of Less Container Load ". It's also called "Partial Container Load." If the cargo is not a fulfill container, LCL is the best option.    LCL is created by combining the cargo of more than one company in a single container. Your load is…
18 Feb


The International Chamber of Commerce has released the ICC Incoterms 2020 update of their international trade terms for the sale of goods on September 10, 2019. Incoterms defines the responsibilities of sellers (exporters) and buyers (importers) engaged in cross-border trade regarding the delivery of tradable goods. These are the standards regarding the delivery methods created…
07 Aug

The Best Types Of Cargo and Freight Transportation

Logistics, in its simplest definition, is defined as the transportation of a product or a good from one point to another. If you need to ship to another country, you should choose the safest, most economical and, if possible, fastest option for shipping your personal effects (household goods), shipping your personal car, or shipping your…