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25 May

Moving Overseas? | Household Removals and Household Effects

So you are wanting to relocate overseas and want to send all of your personal items or household goods overseas? Here are some vital points you should consider. If you are moving overseas and wish to pack up your entire house, furniture, personal items, small household goods and so on – it may be more…
shipping to New Caledonia
29 Oct

Exporting To New Caledonia

New Caledonia is known for its huge nickel deposits, which becomes its major export. Exports to New Caledonia revolve around foodstuffs, building, construction and mining. New Caledonia is governed by France, and is therefore considered as part of Europe. As such, despite its closeness to Australia, there are duty concessions for any goods from Europe,…
export goods
02 Apr

Should I Insure My Shipment?

It is always recommended that you insure your shipment(s), but the reality is that you need to consider the value of the goods, the cost of insurance, the risk involved, and any excess charges or restrictions that might apply. If you are a business, and you are doing multiple transactions, then you should discuss this…
exporting from Australia
03 Nov

Exporting To Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG), is a resource rich country, For the most part, exports to PNG revolve around foodstuffs, communications, building and construction, and minerals, mining, oil and gas. PNG is a sovereign nation, and has many import rules and restrictions of which any new exporter to PNG needs to be aware. But, almost all…
12 Oct

Export of personal effects

At Sydney International Freight, we can only provide limited services. What we can do: 1) provide pick up of your packed cartons or suitcases. 2) provide container drop off at your place ONLY if this is on hard stand at your OWN house; or if you want a container dropped on the road or footpath…
coourier post or ship
19 Sep

Freight | Air, sea, post or courier – which is best?

Basically this is a question you need to ask yourself in conjunction with “when do I need the goods to get wherever I want them?” If you only have small parcels, then Post will always be the cheapest option. Post offers a service to door, and usually you have a choice of air (priority) or…