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Shipping Personal Effects | Australia to Turkey

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people around the world travel abroad  or move permanently to another country. People relocate the countries they reside for various reasons. Moving, working, or studying abroad, many of them need to send their personal effects and household goods.

The point is, carrying personal effects or household goods is not a typical overseas delivery type. It is very important to get service from a freight forwarder with a personalized service structure that specializes in carrying this type of products. The cargo to be carried is private and personal. Your choice of freight forwarder should be so sensitive. Please attention, underlining, we call it “freight forwarder” not a typical courier. Nobody likes bad surprises, don’t leave it up to chance.

Our company “Sydney International Freight” provides both “FCL” (full container load) and “LCL” (less container load) services. LCL is also known as partial shipment. We specialize in the international transportation of cargo. Our company transport safely your goods, from your current home to your new home.

Personal effects, Why should carried by the “Freight Forwarder”:

It is often not possible for passengers to carry items with them during the journey due to their size or weight, or it is a very costly and laborious process. Due to the personal effects, you carry with you, you will not like to fill in many confusing documents and wait at the airport customs for hours.

We are providing Airway and Seaway service all over the world with various delivery terms; FOB, CIF, CPT, CIP, to say it simply, from door to door; to just port to port, with a very cost-effective way. We organize the shipping process as our customers prefer

From Australia to Turkey: Carrying Personal Effects

Our company “Sydney International Freight” is one of the leading freight forwarder companies in Australia with almost 40 years of experience. We specialized in the shipping of commercial goods, private cars, household goods & personal effects worldwide. Our company has a good reputation for transportation between Australia and Europe zone including Turkey. Are you plan to move to Turkey and looking for a shipping company for shipping your personal effects from Australia to Turkey? Please don’t hesitate to call us to reach our most favorable service.

Personal Effects Shipment from Australia to Turkey

Step 1, contact with freight forwarder: Our first advice is to contact us. The pricing stage will become clear after the number, volume and weight of the products to be transported, that is, after packaging, but before starting the packaging process, it is useful to learn important information and tips from our expert staff.

Step 2, packaging & preparing the packing list: We recommend you to pack your personal products on your own. You can get professional service in this regard, but it will be economical to do the packaging on your own and protects you from possibility of damage to items and possible customs problems that may arise as a result of improper packaging or labeling. As an important advice; Make a package list. Attach a label with the box number and the name and number of products included in each box. Write the information on the labels to your package list in the order of the box number. Please be aware of “Unusual Restricted & Prohibited Items”.

Put similar products in the same packages, group them, number them:

(e.g. Carton # 1: books – Carton # 2: clothes …. etc ….)

This will ensure that your transactions are completed very quickly and without errors in the destination port.

Please note that we will decide the space or the size of the container you need; LCL or 20 “container or 40” container or any special equipment.

Step 3, organizing the inland transportation: After packing your personal effects or household goods, you can load them into a truck and send them to the warehouse or port where the container will be loaded. A second option is to send the container to your address and your items will be loaded directly. The container going out of the port, i.e. external loading, is a separately priced process. After the packaging process is over, it is important for the container return to the port in the same day, so that no additional costs occur.

Step 4, Exportation & Shipping: Your personal effects will be shipped after the export & customs process we guide you through this whole process. From Australia to the European region and Turkey in maritime shipping takes place from 26 to 32 days depending on the ship schedule we will choose.

Step 5, Customs In Destination Port: Used personal effects and/or used household goods are tax-free  (duty-free) in Turkey (personal effects have been yours for at least six months.) However, only the people can benefit from tax exemptions in order to reside in Turkey. So at this stage, Residence Permit, rental contract for a 24 month period or property title/deed is required.

Turkish citizens who have lived abroad for at least 24 months can also benefit from tax exemption.

The customs process takes about 4-5 days. At this stage, the owner of the goods must be personally involved or a customs broker has acted on behalf of. Our company delivers your item to you, depending on the type of agreement (port or address delivery) after you complete the customs process.

This article is, as far as we know correct at the time of writing. However, always do your own due diligence and check with the appropriate government bodies to check what the lates rules and restrictions are – they may change at any time and it is vital your are ware of current government regulations to avoid any suprises at the port of destination.